Our mission is to provide state of the art computational software, data and expertise in the field of materials engineering to allow for more efficient, faster, cheaper and sustainable innovation, development and production of both materials and components.

Our team consists of multidisciplinary experts bridging the gap between science and practical manufacturing solutions seeking to offer viable step-change improvements in your materials design and your fabrication process. Our services include supporting your R&D projects, material consulting, optimization of your material processing route, material selection or assessment of your new materials, as well as materials testing.

We are committed to provide computational metallurgical technology solutions built on the application of the advanced and sophisticated software package “MatCalc” - Materials Calculator. MatCalc models the whole materials design and fabrication process, covering the three main areas of multicomponent thermodynamics, precipitation kinetics and microstructural evolution. The metallurgical models implemented in MatCalc have a solid physical basis, which are documented in more than 200 scientific publications. MatCalc is constantly extended and improved by experts and our trained team from Vienna University of Technology under the supervision and guidance of our chief scientific advisor, Ernst Kozeschnik. The commercial MatCalc engineering databases are professional state of the art thermodynamic, diffusion and thermo-physical databases for steel, aluminum and nickel developed and are supervised and constantly updated by Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz, our Database Manager. Furthermore, we tailor multi-component multi-phase special databases to fulfill your specific needs.

Company Overview

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