We work closely together with our technological partners to enable new engineering frontiers and recent developments in the field of computational materials engineering into practical solutions and collaborate with our Software Solution Partners to add value for our customers.


Institute of Materials Science and Technology (IMST), TU Wien

The chair of Materials Technology at the IMST of TU Wien deals with the manufacturing and processing of metallic materials, with special focus on steel and aluminum alloys. The main center of research is the experimental characterization and the development of materials models for the simulation of the microstructure evolution and the materials behavior of technical alloys during thermal and thermo-mechanical treatment. 


LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH

The LKR is a subsidiary of AIT and forms the Competence Unit "Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen" within the AIT Center for Low-Emission Transport. As a research center, the LKR is focused on high-quality light metal alloys and sustainable manufacturing processes, as well as functionally integrated lightweight components.


SinusPro GmbH

SinusPro is an engineering service provider specialist in the field of mechanical engineering with focus on virtual product development and the application of analysis and simulation techniques.


Matplus GmbH

MatPlus is an independent specialist for materials data systems and associated services. German distributor of the software package JMatPro® for the calculation of temperature-dependent materials properties for a variety of technical alloys.


Simufact Engineering GmbH

Simufact provides software solutions for a wide range of metal working and metal production processes: Simufact Forming®, Simufact Welding®, Simufact Additive®.