Version 6 of MatCalc covers the areas of multi-component phase equilibria and thermodynamics as well as multi-phase precipitation kinetics and microstructure evolution in solid-state systems. MatCalc combines all these features within a single software code, giving the user huge flexibility and power in setting up and running various types of simulations with high computational efficiency.

MatCalc 6 offers different options in “MatCalc type” (Basic or Pro) and also “License type”. Based on your needs, you can decide about the available options. 


  • MatCalc type

    MatCalc Basic
    For those that perform simulations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics and multi-component multi-phase precipitation kinetics MatCalc 6 Basic is perfectly suitable. It combines the well-known features of the previous generation MatCalc 5.6 version with the convenient new possibilities of the new MatCalc 6 graphical user interface.

    MatCalc Pro
    For those being involved in metallurgical process modeling and simulation and/or involved in thermo-mechanical treatments, MatCalc 6 Pro type is certainly the suitable choice. The professional version allows you to use the full precipitation kinetics functionality of MatCalc Basic combined with the new features for microstructure evolution simulation, i.e., grain growth, recrystallization, recovery and atomic trapping.


  • License types

For both, MatCalc 6 Basic and MatCalc 6 Pro, flexible license types are available:

Persistent licenses

  •           Single-User-Single-Node licenses
  •           Multi-User-Single-Node licenses

Persistent licenses have to interact with our main license activation server at least once to be activated for a particular computer. A Single-User-License can only be used by one user on a given computer, while a Multi-User-License can be used by multiple users concurrently.

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Transient licenses

  •         Network licenses

Transient or network licenses require the installation of a local server to manage the regular activations and deactivations of the licenses. Valid subnetwork addresses and maximum number of concurrent users characterize the licenses. Within the given subnetwork, any computer that has MatCalc installed and is able to connect to the local server for license validation can use MatCalc in full mode. Although transient licenses will be validated periodically, this happens automatically and has no consequence on MatCalc users in the subnetwork. 

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If you need help to decide about which license type would be suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our license center


How to activate MatCalc 6