Rising number of international competitors enforce producing companies to optimize their production process routes and offer high-quality products to be able to stay competitive in the global market. The number of influencing factors and parameters in the whole process-chain is tremendous. Any experimental investigation of the resulting material characteristics for optimization purpose or property prediction is highly time-consuming and cost-intensive with limited applicability.

For through process modeling, the major issue is to track the evolution of microstructure throughout the manufacturing process chain from casting after solidification to the final product and the challenge is to integrate correctly different sub-models by properly defining their interactions. An overview of the material state resulting from each single operation is a key for process optimization and the creation of a cost-effective technological production line.

We provide simulation package based on fully integrated models incorporated in the software MatCalc that be capable of a complete trough-process modeling for each production route. Beginning with casting and ending with the simulation of the last thermomechanical operation of the final product. An intelligent optimization can only be reached when the combined influence of all the processing parameters during fabrication is known and is taken into account. After that various process- and material-related scenarios can be tested with an analysis of their impact on the material microstructure and properties. 


Typical application example: